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Welcome to Globetunes!

GLOBETUNES is a sublabel of Soundofnow Music. It reflects a crossover sound from Pop, Rock, Lounge and Jazz.

Nova: New Album & Single

Nova is a Croatian rock band which was formed by Mario Sulina and Vjekoslav Valetic in 1995. After several successful album releases and a nomination for the Porin award (Croatian music award) the band is now releasing their fourth album „Hunted“ under GLOBETUNES. The album is characterized by being musically multi-layered and having a remarkable combination of instruments. It shows a confident cross-genre stylization of pop, jazz, jazz- rock, funk, soul and ethno genres.  Already the song „Hunted“, the opening song of the album and the first single release of this album, can enthuse the listener with its catchy melodies and the charismatic voice of singer Goran Boskovic. But also the rest of the album with its 14 songs  keeps musically and artistically on the same level. The Single-release  of „Hunted“ will be available with the additional RnB-Remix from the producer Jay M. Both album and the single will be released on 25 th of March. „Hunted“ will also be available as a video-clip.                                                                                                                    more info ...                                                                                                                                                
NOVA "Hunted - The Album" 
Release-Date: March, 25 th 2010

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NOVA "Hunted - "Single-Mixes" 
Release-Date: March, 25 th. 2010